Why Business Intelligence and Data Mining?

If you’ve collected any data through surveys, experiments, observations, recordings, or by any other means, you probably understand the difficulties in deciding what to do with the information gathered from the research. Big Data and new technology options can make it difficult to know what to do with any research-related data collected. Parsing, transporting, and storing all the research data are areas that must be dealt with after you have already spent the money, time, and resources gathering it. The practice of business intelligence and data mining use research data, and its classification and outputs to decide the best actions that can be taken.

About Our Vendor

Our BI and data mining vendor is expert in the field of business intelligence and data mining with many years (20+) of experience in their field. They take research data to create solutions that will help you achieve your goals, increase ROI, and outperform competitors. Along with business intelligence, they also offer cloud services, architecture strategy and planning, architecture transformation, data management, agile discipline alignment, and more.

Although our vendor is a business intelligence and data mining company, one of their business units is focused primarily in the life sciences/biotech/ag/med-tech vertical. Small changes can lead to improvements in services and products and the tight regulation in these industries means every choice must be carefully made and well documented.  Our vendor has extensive experience in this realm.

Unlike other similar companies, our vendor doesn’t have products to sell, so they evaluate the client’s needs without trying to sell their product or platform. This makes for a better fit in recommendations since they can evaluate the needs of the client without trying to sell their own products. Our BI and data mining vendor makes managing Big Data the focus of their company with their knowledge in data analytics and extracting usable data from the large amount of data. Since they are specialists in the field, they can keep up with the quick changes within the Big Data analytics field.

Areas of Past Services

Our business intelligence and data mining vendor has successfully worked with one of the largest seed and agricultural companies in the world on numerous multi-million dollar projects. They have helped them with their research and development data warehouse in the areas of genomic sequencing, marker data, and complex trait information and analysis. They also reduced the update processing time and many other areas.

They have also worked with a genetic bio matching organization. This company was struggling to validate their matching algorithms and our vendor helped overcome those challenges. Not only did they overcome challenges with the matching algorithms, but also handling the large amounts of data in Amazon Cloud to meet the variable demand. They automated procedures and worked with the staff to train them on the new processes.

They are continuing to work with these companies and are currently engaged with many others, including one in which they are improving ways to identify donors for leukemia patients.

Why Do You Need Them?

Here are a few ways data analytics can help you achieve your goals, increase ROI, and increase your competitiveness in the market.

  1. Better Product Decisions

Better product decisions can be made when using not only data collected within your company, but also data outside of your company. Collaborating with other companies, government labs and academic labs, better management of where the data is stored, and use of simulation and modeling software can improve product decisions.

2. Reduce Cost and Error Rates

Actions are probably already being taken to minimize error rates and cost in your company. However, advanced data analytics techniques could find areas where efficiency and accuracy can be increased, even in areas where this is difficult to find.

3. Targeting Customers

With advanced data analysis, customers can receive a personalized experience when they need it. A system can be used to  measure, model, and personalize customer interactions. It will combine all the data to create appropriate recommendations for the customer.

4. Monitor the Market and Competitors

Markets and competitors can be difficult to track with all the information available. Digital tracks are new services that can help keep an ongoing analysis of blogs, forums, and social media. Automated crawling, automated regulatory monitoring, and patent monitoring are all used to monitor information and alert based information gathered.

Our business intelligence and data mining vendor will work with you and your research data to create a solution that both optimizes the use of that data and benefits your company. They will recommend software and processes based on your specific needs and not on products they need to sell. Through their years of experience and data analytics specialty, they can help you achieve your goals, increase ROI, and increase competitiveness.

As always, TSG is your single point of contact, and your “AE for life” bringing project volume discounting to our end clients.

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